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Hoya continuously invests in research and development and regularly files new patents. This strategy allows us to offer you an up-to-the-minute, innovative range of glasses.

Helping you meet your customers’ expectations

The optical market is increasingly competitive and consumers are becoming more demanding.Success hinges on the ability to offer customers a selection of high-performance products thatperfectly meet their expectations. Consumers who have been well advised will be more satisfied with their choice and confident about what they have bought.

Everyday in Europe, 100,000 people buy Hoya lenses.

In an ongoing quest for perfection, precision, quality and comfort, Hoya has developed a completerange of materials, designs and anti-reflection treatments to suit the full spectrum of wearer demands and expectations. With such a wide selection to choose from, you are excellently positioned to meet your customers’ individual needs and preferences. Here is a quick overview ofsolutions that you can offer to today’s discerning wearer.

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